The Big Band Charts Group Manuscript Identification Project

There are a LOT of people who have written Big Band Charts by hand. Sometimes, it's nearly impossible to identify who wrote a chart, because there is no attribution on that chart. About the only way to identify who wrote which chart is by the handwriting.


This project is undertaken to provide samples of known writers' handwriting, so you can compare any unknown charts you may have against these samples, to see if you can identify who wrote it.


How To Use This Page

This page contains a thumbnail image of two samples of each identified writer's handwriting: the Treble Clef and some eighth notes. The third column is the writer's name.


Simply scan down the samples until you find a Treble Clef and some eighth notes that seem to match your sample, then click on the author's name to see a full page sample of that person's writing.



Treble Clef Eighth Notes Writer
Bob Eberhart
Eddie Graf




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