Guidance Master Page

This page will give you an overview of the tools and procedures we have found most useful, and links to the pages where we discus those tools.


Here we have tips and techniques for many of the things we need to do as members of the group, things that are "customary procedures." Over much trial and (sometimes painful) error, we've found the procedures we outline here to be the best of the many things we've tried.

PDF Tools

Discussion of various tools used to create, edit, and print from PDF files.

Cleaning Scans

While technically a "technique" rather than a tool, this page discusses how to use some various software tools to clean up scans you've made, such as removing streaks, smears, dots, and extraneous markings from your scans.

Directory Tools

Tools for turning your list of holdings into a list that's sharable with others, so they can select from your holdings when you offer to share.

File Sharing Sites

A discussion of sites used to share files.

Notation Programs

A discussion of various music notation/engraving/printing programs.


Discussion of some of the scanners used by members of the group.


YouTube Question

Several members have wondered whether it is legal to post videos of the tunes they play, and whether the authors of these tunes get any royalties from the video posting. ASCAP answers those questions in an article here.

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