Where To Get Big Band Charts

This page lists many of the (reputable) sellers we know about where you can purchase charts for big bands. They are not in ANY order of preference, but only in the order we received the information. We prefer to list only those stores with which our members have personal experience.


There are also some sites listed here where you can borrow charts, as from a library, and sites where you can download them for free, all within the copyright laws. There is no particular order to this list.


Quick links to listings on this page:

Dave Wolpe's Site PDFJazzMusic Marina Music Studio Music
Lush Life Charts Shattinger's Music Jazz Restorations Flyin' Home Charts
Gerry Mulligan Stanton's Sheet Music Swing Legacy Hot Shots Music
Nick Lane Music J.W. Pepper Horn Arrangements Jack Hylton
EJazzLines Pender's Music Co. Mind For Music Bill Liston
Hot Shots Music UNC Jazz Press Pepperhorn Music Jimmy Heath
Really Good Music      




From their website: "Over the last decade, we have worked very hard to adapt to the changing marketplace and to try to provide the jazz and music world with what it appears to have needed most, and that is a one-stop source for the very best selection of arrangements available anywhere. We carry charts from all of the big publishers, many smaller ones, and we now have a line of over 100 charts we publish ourselves under the Jazz Lines Publications imprint"


Great site that has been publishing its own catalog of historic, classic charts from Dizzy, Thornhill, Bird with Strings, Benny Carter, etc...


They also carry the usual educational publications by the regular publishers and the Lush Life transcriptions from England. (Thanks to John V)


Here's what Rob, one of the principals at ejazzlines, posted to the group:

For those of you who aren't aware of what we do, we work with arrangers and performers (or their families/estates) and publish from original scores and/or parts.


So, all our work is 100% true to the original recording. Not to say there may not be a typo somewhere - we're human (we do find typos from time to time in our past work and fix them).


But, since we don't rely on transcriptions what you get is exactly what was written. Everything is edited against the recording to ensure that appropriate dynamics, articulations, etc. are included so that you get a faithful read of the chart.


We work to include all the nuances that players back then took for granted - but today's musicians may not be aware of.


In addition to providing royalties to the families of the arrangers and/or performers, we also license all the copyrights - so our publications are 100% legal.


We've been seriously focused on Ella this year due to her 100th birthday. This week (April 2017) we're releasing Blues in the Night (Billy May chart from the Arlen Song Book album), Satin Doll (Quincy chart Ella recorded with Basie Band), Honeysuckle Rose (Quincy, same), and Whatever Lola Wants (DeVol).


In addition to the Ella Fitzgerald estate and Sinatra's estate we also have publishing relationships with Terry Gibbs, Wynton Marsalis, Don Menza, Tom Kubis, and the families of Frank Foster, Benny Carter, Oliver Nelson, Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington, Art Pepper, Thad Jones, Gil Evans, Med Flory (Supersax), and others.

Lush Life Charts

Get any of the available Lush Life charts here. (Thanks to Hans J) (We could use a writeup about this site. Anyone?)

Dave Wolpe's Website

Dave Wolpe is an excellent and prolific composer and arranger for big bands. On his site, you can purchase directly from Dave his Big Band (5444) charts, his vocal charts (with 5444 band), his combo (2114) charts, and you can hear MP3 or MIDI renditions of most of them. Many of them can be ordered in printable PDF, and others can be ordered to be shipped directly to you.

Gerry Mulligan Charts

Gerry Mulligan is an American jazz composer, arranger, conductor, and saxophonist. His stylings influenced entire movements, including "cool jazz" and bossa nova. On this site, you can download many of his arrangements.

Nick Lane Music

Nick Lane did a lot of the original Maynard Ferguson Arrangements, and has also written for Wayne Bergeron. (Thanks to Dana L for pointing out the site.) The website is difficult to read (tiny print) and navigate, but if you mouse over the stars at the bottom of the text area, you'll find one that says "Merchandise." Click on that and then on "Charts and Compositions, and you'll find three of his charts, including "Birdland, "Nalma," and "Everybody Loves the Blues." They're not cheap at $165, but if you want the good stuff, this is the place to get it. Other Nick Lane charts are available through Barnhouse and Walrus music publishers. (Writeup as of April 2015)

Really Good Music

This company, run out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, not only has a ton of good jazz tunes, it also has music for concert bands, marching bands, individual instruments, and many other genres.


Several of our members have bought charts from here and they say they are pleased with them.


This paragraph title links to the Jazz Ensemble music page, but from there, it's easy to get to any other page on the site. I counted 46 listings and only got through the "A"s. Most of their charts are between $50 and $65, with some charts going higher than that. They indicate chart difficulty, such as EASY, INT/ADV, etc. It looks like more than half the charts offered also have audio clips you can listen to.

PDF Jazz Music.com

Jim Martin's website, includes compositions and arrangements by two dozen writers. Purchase the PDF for less than $20, download, print, and go. One free chart on the site, as a sample. (Thanks to Philip van G)

Shattinger's Music

Shattinger's music store in downtown St. Louis, Missouri has charts for sale. Our concert
band/swing band director works there and gets charts from them. It is a large and long-
established store with all kinds of music. (Thanks to Art "saxart7" L)

Stanton's Sheet Music

330 South 4th Street, Columbus, OH 43215, (800) 426-8742
They carry quite a large selection of Big Band charts and special order and mail out constantly.
They have a very knowledgable staff. (Thanks to John V)

J.W. Pepper

Toll-Free Music Line: 800-345-6296

Monday-Friday: 8:00 am - 8:30 pm (Eastern)
Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm (Eastern)

14 stores around the U.S. They have lots in stock and sometimes you can even find some out of print charts. (Thanks to John V)


While J.W. Pepper does not offer any discount off the cover price, one of the good things they will do is send you music on approval. Once you set up an account with them, when you call and order your music, you simply ask them to send it on approval. They will send you the music, then you have 90 days to play it and evaluate it. You keep and pay for the charts you like, and send back the ones that don't suit your group. (DM)


Their locations are:

  • 2480 Industrial Blvd., Paoli, PA 19301
  • 7611 S 180th St, Kent, WA 98032
  • 5420 South Green Street , Murray, UT 84123
  • 14711 Carmenita Rd.,Norwalk, CA 90650
  • 9053 Riverside Parkway, Lithia Springs, GA 30122-3247
  • 130 E. St. Charles Rd, Suite A, Carol Stream, IL 60188
  • 5282 East 65th St, Suite B, Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • 14651 W. 95th St, Lenexa, KS 66215-5216
  • 4767 Broadmoor Ave. SE, Suite 8, Grand Rapids, MI 49512
  • 7103 Ohms Lane, Edina, MN 55439
  • 969 Pinebrook Knolls Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27105-5076
  • 1655 North Grandview Lane, Suite 105, Bismarck, ND 58503
  • 7459 Airport Freeway, Richland Hills, TX 76118

Penders Music Company

Denton, Texas
Store near North Texas State University. Great selection and staff. (Thanks to John V)

Marina Music Shop

Our best local shop (in Seattle) is Marina Music Service, Good stock, good service, good people. (Thanks to Al L)


Wikifonia - Lead Sheets

We undestand this site no longer exists. Thanks to Doug S. for the update.

Swing Legacy

Charts for 3-horn 6-piece band, many with vocalist. (We don't have anyone yet who has told us of any experience with this site, so use discretion if ordering. If you have ordered from them, please let us know.) SWING LEGACY offers original arrangements by Henry Francis of Lexington, MA (near Boston). Henry writes arrangments for Tpt/Alto/Tenor/Pno/Bs/Dms and charges $25 per arrangement, discounts for quantity orders. There are well over 100 charts available; you can hear audio samples on the website. These charts are available either as Finale or PDF files. We do not know the copyright status of these arrangements.

Horn Arrangements

This site, based in the Los Angeles area, offers instrumental lead sheets ($10 each), 3-horn and 6-horn band charts ($25 each), and brass quartet Christmas tunes ($50 for a book of 50 tunes). NO Member reports on this site yet. If you use them, please let us know. We do not know the copyright status of these arrangements.


UPDATE: On Dec 8, 2012, we heard from Dave Cushman, owner of the site. Dave said,

Thanks for listing my website hornarrangements.com on your “Where to get big band charts” page. If it is not too much trouble could you add to my listing that I have a collection of original Big band arrangements of a more contemporary feel/groove.

Dave Cushman



Mind For Music

This site offers free online transcriptions. They appear to be mostly instrumental lead sheets, submitted by various contributors (not commercial).

Studio Music (UK)

This site offers many types of band/ensemble music, including jazz band. According to Jeff F of the Nottingham Concert Band, as posted in the Community Music group, you can get individual parts (to concert band music) for about £3 each, and says he has found them very helpful in all his dealings with them.


Flyin' Home Charts

Transcriptions by Robert Hersch. (As of April 2015) Charts delivered by PDF for $15. Member Hans reported that Robert wasn't responding to queries, and member Greg reported he had bought three charts a month ago, had tried one so far and it seemed to work. Greg went on to say, "Rhythm parts are not well edited for space.  For example, the drum part was not compressed with repeat bar notation, so what would be a one page part in a stock arrangement became four pages of hard to follow identical measures. The piano part is essentially the guitar part in the treble clef and a completely empty bass clef spread over nine pages.  The horn parts look OK" Thanks to Greg G for this report.


Hot Shots Music

Transcriptions. From their web site: "Bigband Charts of standards, Soul, Pop and Latin, all transcribed as closely as possible to the originals, same form, key etc., but adapted for bigband. Includes 5 sax parts, alto x 2, tenor x 2 + baritone, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, guitar, keyboards, bass & drums. Any string parts on the original are normally added as an extra stave to the keys part but often covered on saxes anyway. A vocal guide in text format is included with score, all parts and midi file. Charts priced @ £15.00 indicate that an mp3 rehearsal backing track is included."


This site also offers Combo Charts.


Also from their site: "Copyright remains with hotshotsmusic.com and the original publishers. Hotshots charts are produced with permission and appropriate royalties paid on each one sold; you are buying a licence for personal use. The PDF files will shortly be print controlled and you will be allowed to print up to three copies."


Jack Hylton

Jack Hylton (1892-1965) was an English pianist, composer, dance band leader, theatrical impresario, and TV producer. Explore the site to find out more about this remarkable man. At the page on the site the link above will take you to, you can download PDFs of many of his tunes, either in smaller big band original scoring, (4224 on the one I checked) or in modern 17-piece big band scoring.


Bill Liston

One of our members said he has bought charts directly from Bill Liston, and they are excellent charts. His website (click the title just above) lists many of his credits, but none of his charts as of July 2015. However, it does have his email address, which is LisMuzk1@aol.com, and you can email him directly to ask. If anyone gets his chart list, let us know and we can post it here.


Jazz Restorations

This site purportedly has FREE downloadable original charts from the bands and arrangers of such huge names as Benny Goodman, Stan Kenton, Pete Rugolo, Spud Murphy, Charlie Parker, Woody Herman, Artie Shaw, Buddy Rich, Fred Waring, Les Brown, George Handy, Harry James, Dizzy Gillespie, and more. For example, I followed the link to the Benny Goodman page, and they have arrangements for his band by Spud Murphy, Fletcher Henderson, Eddie Sauter, and Mel Powell. I clicked on the "Original Parts" link to "Darktown Strutters Ball" and saw a PDF in manuscript, 58 pages long.


Hot Shots Music

Member David C (Feral Trumpet Player) says, "I've used hotshots music. Based in the UK but you get the charts as PDF. And they are a very reasonable price with some up to date charts.  I've found the charts very good."


UNC Jazz Press

The University of Northern Colorado lists music for instrumental and vocal jazz ensembles of all kinds. On this site, you can browse by composer, ensemble, difficulty level, or style. A comprehensive site. If you are looking for new music, this site is worth browsing.


Pepperhorn Music

This company is located in Sunbury, Victoria, Australia, and advertises 100% legally licensed tunes for many varieties of jazz ensembles. Marc (and the Pepperhorn website) tells us this is the publishing arm of Shaun Evans. They have a few free charts and a reasonable pricing structure. They sell digital files. They advertise they can provide you a chart in a different key on request.


Jimmy Heath

Jimmy Heath sells his compositions and arrangements on his own website. Click on the title of this paragraph to be taken to the page that has a partial listing of the tunes he is selling. There is no on-site order form. Just use his CONTACT page to tell him what you want to order. Most of his charts appear to sell for $100.00.




More to come as we receive well researched and well-written submissions.



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