All Members and prospective Members MUST READ THIS!


You must know our DNT policy, or you might be expelled from this group. We are serious. Read on for more information.

Penalties for violating the DNT Policy

The Big Band Charts moderators group has agreed that for our wonderful group to keep operating (so we are not shut down as have been groups before us), we must enforce the Do-Not-Trade (DNT) policy.


In a nutshell, the policy is this: we do not trade (request or send out) a full chart if that chart is still in print. We specifically do not trade charts from the arrangers and publishers listed below.


The penalty for violating this policy is this:

  • First offense: you will be suspended from the group for three months. This is your wake-up call.
  • Second offense: you will be expelled from the group and banned from rejoining.


We know that sounds harsh, but we need to emphasize how important it is NOT to take money out of the pockets of working musicians/arrangers/composers.

How Can I Know For Sure Whether a Trade is Okay?

REQUESTORS: First, read this page again. Second, use a search engine to see whether the chart you want is in print. If it is, you should buy it from the authorized distributor. Second, if after this check, you still aren't sure, then phrase your request something like this: "Hey, everybody, I'm looking for the Fonkwiddle arrangement of 'The Fat Mermaid.' I can't find it in print anywhere, so if someone can point me to where to buy it, I'd be grateful. Otherwise, I'll be happy to trade for it. My list available on request."


REQUEST FILLERS: Do the same checks BEFORE sending a chart someone requested - read this page, then do a search engine lookup of the tune to be sure it's not available in print. I know many of us pride ourselves on our quick response, and this will slow us down a bit. But really, it takes less than half a minute, so that's definitely doable.


MISSING PARTS: If you have legitimately purchase a chart and your third trombone player ate his part, it is okay to request a replacement part from the group. However, you should consider asking the publisher for a replacement first, particularly if it was published by Lush Life (see below) or eJazzLines or another friend of the BigBandCharts Group.


Okay, now on to the list itself. LEARN this!


Quick Links:

What is the DNT List?

A Good Suggestion


The Big Band Charts Group No-Trade List: What Is It?

There are a number of publishers (at least three that we know of) who monitor our group, and who have asked us not to trade their charts. This is usually because those charts are still in print and you can buy the charts from them or their distributors.


We WILL honor those requests. We will NOT knowingly violate copyright law. This group is just too valuable to allow it to be shut down.


Please remember the purpose of this group. It’s one thing to trade material you cannot get, material that's out of print, or that was never available for sale. It’s an entirely different matter to trade currently available material. This is taking money out of someone’s pocket (whether you like their prices or not).
This is especially true in the case of writers who self-publish, ie. making the effort to do it all on their own without the backing of big publishers.


Thanks to the internet, pdf files, and music engraving software (Finale, Sibelius, etc), many arrangers now have their own websites, and are selling some of their titles - but unless we receive notice from these arrangers that "self-publish", there is no way of knowing that they are doing so.


A good example of this is Dave Wolpe. Although he offers many titles for sale through his own website, the rights to much of his work are still held by the various publishers who first printed those charts. (Some of these titles are NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR SALE, and therefore NOT on the DNT list.)


Over the past several years, it has become the group's policy not to trade any of the charts that arrangers "self-publish" - therefore anything listed for sale on their sites would automatically be a do-not-trade ("DNT") item. If you have a question, please check the respective author sites, or ask the group before posting or trading.

Bottom line: please do NOT trade charts that are still available for purchase. This is how we honor the guys writing great charts and trying to sell them. We want to encourage them to keep writing.
If someone in the group posts a request for missing parts, send them ONLY those parts - NOT the entire chart.


Before you post any chart to the group, PLEASE check the list below to be sure the publisher or writer is not listed.


To purchase charts by the listed publishers and writers, please see our Chart Links page.

An Insightful Suggestion

Add "DNT" to the file name of any chart you have that falls under our Do-Not-Trade guidelines. For example,
"Bugwater DNT (Greebisch) 5444.pdf"


Alternatively, you could add the copyright symbol to the filename. Windows users can do this by holding down the ALT key and pressing 0169 (sequentially) on the numeric keypad. On a Mac, use Ctrl-G. For example, "Bugwater © (Greebisch) 5444.pdf" (Anyone know how to do this on Linux?)


Either of these will help you know at a glance NOT to trade that chart, and will help prevent accidental trades of a chart on the list. 

The No-Trade List

Publishers: Please do not trade ANY charts published by

  • Lush Life (Collins, Harpin, Glasscock, Menard, and John Ferguson). On June 28, 2015, Myles Collins of Lush Life music posted the following regarding lost parts to the group: "As soon as I read the request this morning (down here in Australia) I sent the missing part.  I'm always happy to help replace missing pages, especially if the chart was purchased as a legitimate copy. Part of the Lush Life service is, and always has been, to offer replacements for missing pages free of charge."
  • Kendor
  • Lincoln/Berger Charts (Ellington Series)
  • Farley (ENGRAVINGS - hand-written is ok)
  • Sierra Publications
  • Walrus Publishing (now owned by ejazzlines)



Please click on any of the links at the top of the page for more information on any of the listed topics.