SIGNING UP For The Big Band Charts Group

Welcome to the Big Band Charts group. This is a wonderful group of people, and we hope (actually, we insist) that you help us keep it that way. To ensure we have the best chance of doing so, and to protect the rest of us from the very few people who are out to take advantage of everyone else, we have the following requirements.



You must complete the Member Information form (on the next page) to join this group.


This is in addition to joining the group, which you should do now, if you haven't already done so. Use the same email address both here and with the Yahoo group. Click here (Or go to MEMBERS > Join in the top menu bar) for instructions on how to do this.


If you do not complete the form within one week of receiving the email instructing you to do so, or if you supply any wrong information - such as a false name or location - your membership will not be approved, and you will be deleted from the Yahoo group.


By clicking the button at the bottom of this page and completing the form on the next page, you are electronically certifying that you understand and agree to the following:


  1. I understand that by joining this group, other members of the group will have access to my email address when I post any group emails.

  2. I agree not to share other members' information (of any kind) without their consent.

  3. I agree not to send unsolicited commercial email (spam) to any group member, and not to cause members' email addresses to be made available to those who do (spammers).

    There are a few exceptions to this rule; all have to do with music or big bands or the business of the group. An example might be if a group member wrote an original chart, is selling it on their personal website for $49, and is making it available to group members at half-price. Another example might be someone selling an instrument, although this is not really the place for that. If in doubt, email the group moderator.

  4. I agree to abide by the Group Etiquette as outlined on this website, and to do my best to abide by the No-Trade List.

  5. I certify the Email Address, Phone Number, and City and Country where I live are true and accurate.

  6. I understand that this is a wonderful and very helpful group of people, and I promise to do my best to help keep it that way.


If you do not agree with any of the above conditions, then exit now without completing the form, and we will simply not approve your membership.


If you DO agree with the above, then clicking on the button below will certify your agreement and your promise to comply with all guidelines. We welcome you to the group and look forward to exchanging posts with you.