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The roster is available only to registered members of the BBCG website. This is different than the Yahoo group, although, all members here are also members there.


If you are not a member of the group or this website, please click here

Click to join bigbandcharts

and follow the instructions there first. Then return to this page and click here.


If you are a member (meaning you have submitted your email address and other information to the group moderator) but do not have a login password, please click the link for "Forgot Your Password?" below.




Need to change your email address?

First, log in on this page. Then click the "Edit My Data" button and change your email for this site.


To change your email for the YahooGroup, you must re-sign up for our YahooGroup. (Yahoo won't allow email address changes!) Create a new Yahoo account using your new email and join the group from that account. In the sign-up process, tell us you're an existing member with a new address and a moderator will approve you. Then find an email from the group to your old email and click the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom.


You can also send an email to bigbandcharts-owner@yahoogroups.ca telling us what you did and specifying your old and new email addresses.